Paair helps couples and families plan for joint income and expenses.

Person hält ein Smartphone mit der geöffneten Paair App.

Starting point

Budget books are demanding and users:inside have to enter their expenses regularly. The initial motivation to track all income and expenses is great. After some time, the motivation wanes and it comes down to discipline to continue entering the expenses every time. The effort is higher than the concrete and direct benefit that users receive. It takes staying power and constant self-motivation to keep a household diary.

For couples or families, the complexity increases because in addition to their own expenses, the partner's or the child's expenses are also added. In order to divide the individual costs fairly according to income, experienced users painstakingly set up Excel spreadsheets.

In a survey with over 30 participants, the thesis was confirmed. Users do not use a budget book because the effort involved is not commensurate with the benefits.


Paair offers couples and families the possibility to enter their income and thus makes their joint finances transparent. In addition to personal expenses (e.g. hobbies), fixed costs (e.g. rent, electricity & gas or insurance) can be recorded and budgets (e.g. groceries, drugstore or dog) can be defined. Based on the individual income, the system automatically calculates how much to contribute to the community. In this way, expenses are fairly distributed among all shoulders.

Users get a quick overview without having to use Excel or write down every expense over a longer period of time. With the stored and calculated information, users can, for example, create standing orders for a joint account. If one of the users bears a large part of the fixed costs, it can be seen how much has to be transferred to compensate for the joint costs.

Paair Screenshot: Dashboard der Gemeinschaft
Paair Screenshot: Gemeinschaft von 2 Personen, Erika und Max
Paair Screenshot: Gemeinschaft von 2 Personen, Erika und Max
Paair Screenshot: Mitglied einer Gemeinschaft anlegen oder bearbeiten
Paair Screenshot: Fixkosten übersicht
Paair Screenshot: Budget Übersicht
Paair Screenshot: Einstellungen, Anmelden und Sprache ändern
Paair Screenshot: Person zu einer Gemeinschaft einladen

Features of Paair

  • Local-first approach keeps data stored on the user's device
  • If users want to share a community with other members, the data is stored securely in the cloud
  • Any number of members can be added to a community
  • Create fixed costs
  • Create budgets
  • Paair is currently available in English and German
    A dashboard displays relevant sharing information

Used technologies

  • Local Storage, if no synchronization is enabled
  • Google Firebase (Authentication, Firestore) is used when a community is to be synchronized
  • Tailwind CSS for the design
  • Nuxt.js as frontend framework

Paair is currently in beta and available as a web app.